This record is a collection of  6 improvised live-looping performances done with a Eurorack Modular system, using the same set of samples (in the form of a Make Noise Morphagene “Reel”) and live vocals as the only sound sources.

Recorded over a short period of time, those tracks, all birthed from the same seed, have as much in common than they are branching in different directions. When listened closely, one will find calls and responses between the tracks, and elements that get carried over, sometimes from the sample based sounds to the live vocals.

Those Anagrams belong to the same family: They share common roots and DNA, but each expresses their inherited genes in its own way.

The Make Noise Morphagene Reel is given for free use as the last track of the record, in the same format you’ll chose to download the record. With the downloaded file, you will also find a text file with a link to that same reel, but in a format ready to be loaded in your Morphagene, including slice points.
You’re invited to play with it and maybe record your own “Anagram”. Don’t hesitate to  send it over if you do !

Eurorack modules used:
Sound source: Make Noise Morphagene > Squawk Dirty.
Loopers: Make Noise Mimeophon + 4ms Dual Looping Delay + Instruo Arbhar

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