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In this section, you’ll find sounds and tools to be used in your own music and sound design work: Loops, Multi-sampled Instruments, Presets and more.

They are shared on a pay what you want basis (enter 0 in the amount to get them for free). All the donations will be used to make even more sound & sample packs.

Bandcamp only offers 200 free downloads per month. 
If you chose to download a sound pack for free, you’ll be part of our mailing-list and will received a direct link to the new soundpacks in each next newsletters. 
So please don’t use the Bandcamp download if you are already part of the mailing-list:  
Check your mailbox and use the link you will find there so more people are able to get this pack for free on Bandcamp.
You still can chose to show your support and pay what you want for our soundpacks on Bandcamp ( which is much appreciated and will help making more soundpacks in the future), it doesn’t affect the number of free download. Thank You.

All the sounds found here are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which means you can use them in your work, including commercial one. You are granted the right to use them as you wish but you do not own the sounds and cannot re-sell them as sounds.

They are available for free (enter 0 as the amount) but you can also chose to support my work and help me create & share more of these sounds by paying what you want for them.

In any case, I’m always curious to hear what you will do with those loops and samples so don’t hesitate to reach out and send me your creations.

Creative Commons License

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