On the 3rd of June, I played live at the Belgian Modular Festival in Barlok, Bruxelles.
For this occasion, I was joined by female vocalist Lyz on vocal for a one-of-a-kind performance.


Here is the description we used to promote our collaboration at this event:

Koyl feat. Lyz (2.0)

Koyl is an experimental electronic musician who, after years of making soundscapes with just guitars, effect and live-looping, recently turned to modular systems to expend his sonic palette and explore new ways of finding the harmony in paradoxes.

Lyz is a female singer whose voice ranges from ethereal and delicate to full-on screams or inuit-inspired throat singing. Besides being a professional vocal coach, she has been and is involved in several projects including pop songs to metal.

Together they will be performing a semi-improvised set that will blur the line between the electronic and the organic. Liz’s vocals will be live-processed, looped and mangled in the modular realm to be used as the core of the performance alongside the usual synth voices and beats.

This ghost-like, voltage controlled version of herself (a Lyz 2.0 ?) will most probably take a life of its own and act as a 3rd band member to create a cinematic journey through drone, dark ambient, industrial and post-whatever sonic flavors.

Lyz and I had a great time playing and spending the day there: great music, great people and great spirit.

We were supposed to record our set but we were left with nothing but silence in the recorder so we’re left with a few pictures (see gallery bellow), a lot of great memories and this short video:


But once we got back, we kept the patch in place in the modular and recorded the same performance live in the studio.

This is what came out:

Many Thanks to the festival and Barlok crew for the warm welcome and dedication.

Behind The Scene KOYL

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